Not Sure Which Pipe Lagging to Use? Get Help Fast – HERE

They say an English man’s home is his castle and DIY is certainly something many Brits enjoy. However, when it comes to dealing with pipes and plumbing there are more options than most anticipate, so it can be tricky to make a choice. After all, no matter how much we love DIY nobody wants to do the same task twice! In addition, the UK can experience some serious weather conditions so we have to be a bit more careful than some: Choose the wrong lagging and you could end up with a big freeze, or worse. Here’s how to GET HELP FAST

Measuring Up

Before you make any choices or go to get help you need to have two measurements at hand.

  1. The outside diameter of the pipe (pipe bore)
  2. Thickness of Insulation needed (referred to as “wall thickness”)

This can be metric or imperial, whatever you are comfortable with. With regards to the thickness, the minimum recommendation is 19mm. The basic rule of thumb is, the thicker it is the better it withstands cold temperatures.

Get Online Help

Why trawl the shops? You will be amazed at how much professional help you can get online and by simply being here you are just a step away! You will find some of the top pipe lagging companies online and they will help you choose the right lagging for the job and some will deliver to the UK mainland free – Without doubt, one of the easiest and simplest ways to buy pipe lagging and get the help you need to make sure it’s the right one: Without even leaving the house!

Know the Basics

Grey Foam Insulation – This is the cheapest insulation available and suitable for smaller domestic jobs inside the home. It is NOT suitable for outside use.

Foam Rubber – This is the most common type of insulation used for outside lagging. There are different types available. More advanced types are needed for higher temperatures (for example solar heating pipes). Cheaper foam rubber lagging can be used for temperatures up to around one hundred degrees.

Foil Coated – This is primarily used for air conditioning, ventilation and heating tasks. Foil coated Phenolic foam insulation is generally considered the best available in this class.

These are the three main types but there are many variations available on each. If you are not sure speak to an expert that can help you make the right choice.

The Big Mistake

One of the biggest mistakes people make is rushing. There is a very old saying about “using the right tool for the job”. Choosing the right pipe lagging is very important if you do not want problems. If you rush into it and make the wrong choice it will be costly, stressful and could lead to more damage than you ever dreamed of! Speak to an expert first if you are not sure. Without doubt, going online is the fastest and easiest way to get that help.


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