The function of the walls in the house is useful to reduce noise, be a barrier, protect from the sun, and much more. So that the allotment of the house to your liking, you can call the best siding contractors Oshkosh Wi.

Let’s know which type of wall of the house you will choose. Check out the full review below!

Home Wall Material Inspiration

  1. Types of House Walls with Horizontal Arrangement

The choice of walls with models like this is suitable for you who like the style of a colonial or traditional house. Because the model of houses like this is suitable for simple building.

Usually, you will find this type of wall made of wood, aluminum, vinyl, and fiber cement. The shape is dirty and has components that are arranged symmetrically you can also up to the sides of the house.

  • Types of House Walls with Fiber Cement Panels

Choosing a wall material with fiber cement panels can last a long time, you know! In addition, the walls will be resistant to fire and also water. Large sheets of fiber cement panels can create a flat surface and can be used indoors and outdoors.

The design of the fiber cement panel is similar to the picture of wind movement. The use of this material can create the impression of a contemporary home.

  • Material Board on the Wall of the House

If you want to make a traditional style house, using board material is the right choice. These walls are arranged vertically to create a high view of the house with planks on the sides.

Wall type of board material can be found in the form of wood and fiber cement. Its appearance can make the residential feel comfortable to see.

  • Shingle Walls

You can find types of shingle walls in the form of vinyl (polymer), wood, and fiber cement.

  • Plastering Wall Material

Does your house have a large surface on the exterior?

Plastering material is perfect for this case. The impression of your house will look modern to contemporary.

  • Types of Walls with a Material of a Wooden Strip

If you want to create a warm atmosphere in your home, just use wood as the material. Either arranged vertically or horizontally.

The front of the house will look more eye-catching from a distance. The use of wooden walls must have a membrane that can hold water behind the wood. If not, water can seep in and damage your interior.


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