You really should purchase a million dollar property for a fraction of its true price. Conversely, brick, which is obtained from burnt clay, will not be all that a lot patronized by builders regardless of the hassle of the federal government of Ghana encouraging the usage of this indigenous native materials to unravel the housing problem of the house

Though several researchers worldwide have referred to as for the need to revert to indigenous building materials eight , thirteen – 18 , little is being said about the factors inhibiting the use of such materials in Ghana 19 For a few years, the government of Ghana has tried to search out suitable methods to resolve the housing downside of the nation by means of numerous house

The deductible you want to apply to the homeowner insurance coverage policy: A deductible is the sum of money you will have to pay when a claim is made, earlier than your insurance firm puts money in. That is essential because the higher your deductible is, the lower your premium will probably be. It is necessary not to exaggerate on your deductible however, because if something was to occur to your property you wouldn’t need to pay a better deductible than what you’ll be able to afford.

Amount of Blocks or Bricks Needed – The block sizes used are primarily the 6-inches for construction at the foundation degree and the 5-inches for the building itself, while the brick; then again; being smaller in dimension, numerous 6 pieces would be wanted to make 1 single block.

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